Welding Training
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Courses with European certificates

Organizing specialized courses
According to the guidelines of the European Federation for Welding, Welding Institute in Gliwice, UDT, DNV-GL taking into account the pressure of the Directive.


European powers Courses

• We are organising courses in the welding: electric, in gaseous protections and other specialist.
• We are conducting examinations of welders full-scale on the basis of the licence of the Institute of the Welding in Gliwice.
• We are conducting tests of welders, before the trip to the work abroad

We apply competitive negotiation prices.

We are carrying:
Trainings with various methods according to new guidelines of the Institute of the Welding:
• welding metal sheets and pipes with inguinal joints (module I)

• welding forehead of metal sheets (module II)

• welding forehead of pipes (module III)

• examinations to certificates of the Institute of the Welding and classification societies: PRS, UDT, DNV-GL, TÜV, ABS, LR and BV.

Trainings and examinations of welders are run in the following methods of the welding:
111 - arched with wrapped MMA
135 electrode - with fusible electrode in the cover of active gasses with full wire MAG
136 - with fusible electrode in the cover of active gasses with powder wire MAG

138 - with fusible electrode in the cover of active gasses with powder wire with metallic core
131 - with fusible electrode in the cover of inert gasses MIG
141 - with nonfusible electrode in the cover of inert gasses TIG (141)
121 - with covered bow under fluxing (only examination)
course in the thermal cut and fastening together

We are conducting qualifying checkouts of welders before a trip abroad. We are also conducting certificating of plants, of drawing up technological documentation (e.g. WPS).


Our trainings of welders are being conducted constantly and they have character of the individual learning, what participants in a course can exactly and at their pace assimilate new abilities thanks to.


We have the high classified staff of academic teachers (IWE, EWE) and of instructors (EWP) and the most modern welding equipment. We are conducting an examination based on binding EN 287-1/:2011 and PN EN ISO 9606. Discretionary of customer also according to ASME IX (including pipes in the position of 6 G and 6 GR - after the prior several days' training).


We are organising the training and examinations to certivicates of welding pipes of steel about great diameters with cellulose electrodes.