Welding Training
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Discount on DNV-GL i TÜV exams

Examinations for welders:

• G.L. and U.D.T. - Wednesday 8.00
• P.R.S. and TÜV - Thursday 8.00
• D.N.V. and L.R. - Friday 8.00

Before coming to the examination we ask for the contact with 1 - day advance.

Examinations to certificates of I.S., A.B.S. and B.V. are held every day, after earlier 3 - day application.

On the examination you are ask to show the identity document and the current certificate or the book of the welder. For groups above 6 persons it is possible to organize examinations every day, after earlier 3 - day application.

For all types of examinations is applying the own work clothes.