Welding Training
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IWNORT - a company with a long tradition

IWNORT Corp. was founded in 1990 on the initiative of H.Czajkowski and J.Misiak and engaged in conducting training and examination of the powers of welders classification societies. In 1999, the company was transformed into a civil partnership J.Misiak, F.Piotrowski IWNORT Welding Training Centre, which in 2000 received the European Federation for Welding certification and document ATB-PL-005/2000. Teenage period for the EWF IWNORT certificate confirms the idea that welders training and examination to be conducted by independent production companies centers. 

IWNORT has a modern training base, equipped with the latest technology and highly qualified personnel and coaching lecture with extensive experience and practical training. Training is done by. EWF guidelines, Welding Institute, Office of Technical Inspection, DNV and GL. Welders the courses and exams are very respected professionals in the labor market. IWNORT has in Poland and the world a great reputation and is a guarantee of high quality and skills of trained welders. It is the center of a very good location, in a well commuted place in Gdynia.


Since 2000 IWNORT has been certified as a European Welding Federation, the only one center in the Pomeranian Province.


Examinations for certificates: IS, DNV-GL, PRS, UDT, TÜV, LR, ABS, BV and others.


Great location in well commuted place in Gdynia.

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